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Poster: Maria La Place Date: Oct 20, 2020 10:54pm
Forum: texts Subject: Why is the Search Function for Books So Terrible"

I can't even count the number of times I've looked for a books by a specific author and scrolled through page after page of completely irrelevant titles to finally locate what seems to be the true number of books by that author in the archive. Or searched for a specific title and have the search come up empty, but if I search by author and look through enough pages I finally find it.
Right now, I'm wanting to see all the O'Henry Prize Short Story Collections. When I search by title with those key words the search comes up with...nothing. If I search for a particular writer who's won a number of O'Henry Awards then I get those books. Why is this?
Can't you fix the search function? It is beyond frustrating and causes me to waste so much time because I know that if I just keep looking and looking and looking ad nauseum I often finally find what I'm looking for. But really it's just nuts.

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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Oct 21, 2020 9:25pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Why is the Search Function for Books So Terrible'

search is based on the metadata on the item pages. if the metadata is not there or is different you will not get the results you want. crafting search queries is a big of a craft and you need to be both a little creative and understand lucene search and boolean operators as well as the metadata structure to really refine search.

as an example, using the query "o henry awards AND mediatype:texts" returns 93 results which i suspect a what you are after: